Standish Max – Not the Place to Move Gitmo Detainees

I just spent most of this week in Michigan hosted by the Michigan Coalition to Stop Gitmo North, speaking before audiences in Rochester, Lansing, and Standish, testifying before the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee, and setting foot in the prison in question – Standish Max.

In Dave Munson’s Summer Trail Inn, Standish watering hole and best fish and chips you’ll find anywhere. Me, Dave, and Jeff McQueen from the Coalition and 2nd American Revolution.


Here I am at the entrance to Standish Max prison just a couple of hundred yards off of Rt 61, Standish’s main street. Dave’s restaurant and most of the town are a few blocks away.


Accompanying me on most of the visits was the esteemed terrorism expert Dr. Peter Leitner from the Washington, DC area. Listening to Peter was a mini-education in itself. He knows what the dangers of international Islamic terrorism are and shared them with audiences in a blunt, unequivocal manner.

I intend to continue this report over the next few days, so come back for more details.


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