My NY Post Column on Relocating Detainees to US Soil

I recently wrote a piece for the New York Post on what I consider an ill-considered plan to relocate Guantanamo detainees to Standish Max prison in Standish, Michigan.

Find it here.


2 Responses to “My NY Post Column on Relocating Detainees to US Soil”

  1. hejohnson43 Says:

    There are several reasons Obama wants to bring the detainees here on American Soil. The main one is to spread Islam more rapidly through our Prison systems. The second one is to try them under American Law, not Military Law. After the courts let them go free on a technicality they would be allowed to stay in the U.S., and not be deported. Look at what we did with the Chinese Muslims, I think they were called Wiggins. How many millions of Dollars were spent to place them around the world, so they would not be sent back to China.

  2. hejohnson43 Says:

    I am probably repeating my self, but think of the millions of dollars, if not billions that the “Lawyers” theirs and ours (taxpayers paying for both sides) would cost us. One of the reasons the Lawyers didn’t want to have the Military try them at Gitmo, was there are no Five Star Hotels and Restaurants on Gito. They would have to commute from Gitmo to Miami every day at taxpayers expense. They would not mind who was paying for it, but think of all the time and trouble that they would have to go through. Another little tidbit of information about Lawyers. Law Firms hire Lawyers fresh out of Law School, pay them something like $150.00 per hour. Lease them out to some Environmental Group, like Green-Peace, serria Club, or some other non-profit environmental group that likes to Sue the government. The big Law Firms charge $650.00 per billable hour. Guess what, the American Tax Payer pays for both Lawyers. Like when they sued over that little minnow in California, and that little sage brush lizard in west Texas, spotted Owl in Oregon. I am getting tired of the Tax Payers getting ripped off and these Lawyers getting rich on the Tax Payers money.

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