Fight Over Standish Max Intensifies

The fight to bring Gitmo detainees to the soon-to-close Standish (MI) Max facility is intensifying. Many local citizens suspect that the Obama administration is planning to end-run their wishes and relocate detainees to Standish regardless of citizen opposition.

I will be appearing at town hall meetings next week at Standish in order to educate and inform the citizenry as to the scope and breath of the risks that they will face if this move is made.

If you are in the area please join us and lend your support to the great citizens of Standish as they fight for their rights.


2 Responses to “Fight Over Standish Max Intensifies”

  1. Ashaindra Says:

    Gitmo–and all it stood for– was never an issue when it was in Cuba. Out of sight, out of mind. Now that the ‘problem’ is being relocated to US soil, where Americans have a healthy if unreasonable fear of ‘terrorists’, suddenly, we have an issue. Terrorists operate on the basis of cells and networks, none of which they have any access to while they are isolated and under guard. So why the paranoia?

    Guantanamo Bay was shut down because of allegations of human rights abuses. So bringing the detainees to the US, where they will at least be allowed access to fair trial seems like a decent way to negate the believe that America doesn’t completely operate on the basis of ‘our way, or the highway’.

    This video does a good job of summing up the various viewpoints on the issue —

  2. G3 Says:

    Ashaindra, under what rules is something deemed fair? By what standard are you defining human rights? Who is making these allegations and are they in a position to know the truth of their own claims and are the persons making the claims themselves trustworthy?

    Why do you think Americans have an unreasonable fear of ” ‘terrorists'”?

    A fair trial assumes that there are some standards and laws by which you would prosecute these persons, and also assumes that they fall under the jurisdiction and appeal to such laws.

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