Guantanamo Suicide – Is KSM Calling the Shots?

When the first suicides took place at the Guantanamo detention facility in June 2006 Admiral Harry Harris described them as acts of “asymmetrical warfare.” His point was that a committed enemy will employ tactics that deviate from the accepted norm in order to turn a disadvantageous situation into a win.

Guantanamo authorities had long known that certain self-appointed detainee leaders had orchestrated the first unsuccessful mass suicide attempt in May 2006 (through deliberate pharmaceutical drug overdoses). A Navy investigation team learned that these same leaders planned the second mass suicide (hanging from torn sheets) and had intimidated or coerced other detainees into assisting or being quiet about the act.

It is quite likely that in this latest suicide by a Yemeni detainee, that it was also directed by camp leaders.

Why would they do this at this time, when things seem to be looking better for them?

There are several reasons, not least of which is the horrible “press conference” given by Uighur detainees to world media in which they castigated the US and compared their treatment to Hitler’s concentration camps, called President Obama a communist, and by their behavior displayed their core beliefs, essentially hatred for America. Had they acted differently and given the impression that they were just nice guys who were wrongly apprehended it would have strengthened their case for release.

Now, with that appealing precedent spoiled, camp leaders, such as the brilliant terrorist Khalid Sheik Mohammed, may feel the need to try quickly to swing sympathy back to their case. What better way to accomplish this than by a detainee suicide?

The act enrages the anti-Guantanamo activists and elicits sympathy from malleable media. It also increases pressure on the Obama administration, that seems more preoccupied with “what do they think about us” than with US public opinion.


3 Responses to “Guantanamo Suicide – Is KSM Calling the Shots?”

  1. Mark Eichelaub Says:

    Lt. Col. Cucullu,
    I have been attempting to contact you for quite some time to thank you for your service in and out of uniform.

    I wish I’d found this site sooner and have begun the fascinating process of scouring through all of your work.

    There are a few al Qaeda, Taliban detainees I have long had interest in for my site and hope to find some information on them here….

  2. G3 Says:

    These guys are still at war, whether or not BO and the MSM believe we are. Their conduct shows it.

  3. M. Eichenlaub Says:

    Mr. Cucullu,
    If I passed along a list of names to you on GITMO detainees who were Iraqis or had links to Iraq could you comment on them?

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