Opening the Country to Terrorists

At this point in the process it appears inevitable that up to 30 Guantanamo detainees may soon be released into the US. Not relocated into US prisons, but given outright release. Primary among these are the Uighers, all admitted members of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement, an organization on the State Department’s terrorist list.

US officials are circumventing immigration laws – and defying common sense – to allow these people unfettered entry into the country. Chinese Uigher groups living here and some church organizations welcome them, acting as self-appointed apologists for what they perceive as unfair treatment and detention of these men in Gitmo.

Adding to the surrealism of this action, serious consideration is being given to putting these men on social welfare and assistance programs. “We can’t simply turn them loose without any means of support,” one Congressional lawmaker said.

The very act of turning them loose in our open society is madness. Compound it with government (read: taxpayer) support and the lunacy compounds.

Some in the media are trying to turn this into a partisan fight – claiming that keeping detainees out of the US is a GOP action designed to stifle Obama administration initiatives. This is clearly not the case, as politicians across the board are adamant about keeping Gitmo detainees out of their districts.

This has been seen most recently by Wisconsin Democrat David Obey’s denial of $80 million in requested funds to move detainees to the US. “They can come back and ask when they have a plan,” Obey said in dismissal of the administration’s request.

Kansas Rep. Todd Tiahrt promoted an up-or-down vote in the House Appropriations Committee to deny terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay any federal or state support. That the situation has deteriorated to this last-gasp stage is unimaginable but true.

Expect that this precedent will compound, with many additional terrorists being apologized to and asked to take up residence in the very country they are committed to destroy.


One Response to “Opening the Country to Terrorists”

  1. G3 Says:

    Please post more on this, because this is almost too incredible to believe. Perhaps we could give these poor saps TSA jobs or flying lessons?

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