Military Commissions to Resume at Guantanamo: Time Wasted

After four months of dithering with closure of Guantanamo’s detention center and flamboyantly ordering cessation of the military commission trials for captured enemy combatants, the Obama administration just announced that the trials would resume.

Some cosmetic modifications to the process have been added, according to a Washington Post article, but essentially the trial system established by his often-castigated predecessor administration is going to resume.

What has been accomplished is little. Justice has been denied to the detainees, many of whom expressed great discontent with the original decision to delay the trials.

Nor has justice been served for members of the 9/11 families and USS Cole families, who were invited to the White House for a meeting with President Obama that many saw as manipulative and unsatisfactory.

Debra Burlingame, head of the 9/11 families wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal outlining why she and others saw this meeting not as an attempt to resolve a difficult situation but essentiall a photo-op for the president.

Look for this move to be a precursor for the manner in which President Obama will handle Guantanamo: blame the Bush administration for terrible acts, order the facility closed, “study” the situation, “fix” it, and then continue.

Obama will certainly be highly criticized by Guantanamo detainee advocates such as the ACLU, CCR, and other activist groups for essentially continuing a legal process they consider flawed and insensitive to detainee rights.

Those who advocate maintaining the facility as an excellent interrogation/detention center for unlawful enemy combatants may be pleased but the pressure on Obama to close the facility will mount.

This is an issue that will simply not go away quietly in the face of continued global warfare directed by Islamic fundamentalists against the US.


One Response to “Military Commissions to Resume at Guantanamo: Time Wasted”

  1. G3 Says:

    BO had to wait for his first 100 days to end so that he could complete all the things he promised. He shut down the hearings before he re-opened them. His 180-s will make his swooning press dizzy.

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