Guantanamo Detainee Binyam Mohamad Set for Release

Detainee Binyam Mohamad, whose full profile is highlighted in Inside Gitmo, is, according to an article in UK Guardian, “well enough to return if Obama review clears him for release.”

Good news for anti-Guantanamo activists in the UK and elsewhere; bad news for proponents of justice.

“Binyam,” as his military attorney Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Yvonne Bradley calls him, is not the “baby-faced innocent” that she defends but a stone-cold al Qaeda operative who according to government charge sheets worked on constructing dirty bombs (nuclear tainted explosives) for use in the United States.

Bradley’s behavior is subject of an on-going discussion within the Inside Gitmo discussion group. You may want to join and participate in this meaningful exhange of ideas.

As part of his “smart diplomacy” and outreach to European countries, we can be assured that Mohamad’s release is a certainty in these new times.

Is this going to be the “solution” that the Obama administration has toward closing Guantanamo? Simply drop charges against some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world so that they can be released back into society. Unfortunately t appears that way in these early stages.


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