Release Gitmo Detainees? – Terrorists Kill Daniel Pearl over Demands

Can it happen here? In the grotesque terrorist video of the beheading of Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl – an act of barbarism for which Guantanamo detainee Khalid Sheik Mohammad takes full credit – part of the terrorists’ demands was that Gitmo detainees be released.

“With this beloved right hand I took the head from the Jew, Daniel Pearl,” KSM said in a 58-page deposition that was filed as part of the trial of Moroccan terrorist Zacharias Moussaoui. The full deposition is available on the Inside Gitmo site.

Numerous articles cite terrorist attacks as motivated by a release of the detainees.

Relocation of Guantanamo detainees to US soil, a prospect viewed by some analysts as a virtual certainty given President Obama’s executive orders to close the facility, will place American communities in dire jeopardy.

How dangerous are these men, and what lengths will they employ to carry out their deadly mission?

Be informed. Order your copy of Inside Gitmo today before elected officials make decisions they – and the American public – will come to regret.


2 Responses to “Release Gitmo Detainees? – Terrorists Kill Daniel Pearl over Demands”

  1. yankeemom Says:

    My copy is on it’s way, LCol Cucullu. As I listened to your interview with Andrea Shea King last week, I kept nodding my head, as I had heard so much of the same things from my (soldier) daughter’s friends that had been deployed there. I appreciate very much your writing this book. As the Mom of two soldiers, I am angered by the continuous untruths being put forth by the media about our military and what they do.
    Thank you!
    Closing Gitmo and treating the detainees like common criminals is a slap in the face to our troops and the families of those who have died at several of the detainees hands.

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