Guantanamo Detainees Want Trials to Continue – Suspend, Says Obama Team

Guantanamo has been a controversy filled with ironies. Perhaps one of the most interesting is today’s statement by terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammad, quoted in an article by AP writer Ben Fox. KSM vigorously opposes President Obama’s request to the military prosecutor (the prosecutor immediately agreed) to suspend all military tribunal action for 120 days.

“We should continue so we don’t go backward, we go forward,” Fox quoted Mohammed as saying.

Gitmo defense attorneys agree with KSM, with the additional irony that they want charges dismissed, while he want to continue trial so he can be found guilty and executed. Martyrdom, KMS has publicly stated, is his ultimate, long-time goal.

Information leaking from the Obama White House indicates that ultimate decisions on how to proceed with Guantanamo may now take up to a year or longer.

With inflammatory options on the table such as release of detainees into the US or relocation of detainees into places like Leavenworth, Kansas, the debate will grow considerably more heated before ultimate resolution.

As talk show host Greg Allen (host, The Right Balance) said to me on air with host John Loftus last night, “When my children’s safety is at stake, the debate ends.”

Americans need to be fully informed of the dangerous implications of these decisions and weigh in with elected officials soon.


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