Guantanamo Open – For Four More Years? Obama May be Rethinking

In a statement certain to elicit howls of rage from his net-roots supporters, Barak Obama in a Washington Post interview is quoted by Michael Sheer of saying the following:

“Obama said he is confident that he can find a way to close the Guantanamo Bay prison while finding a way to deal with and house potentially dangerous detainees. Sources said an executive order will lay out a procedure for closing the facility, but strongly disputed reports that such an order will come on the first day of the new administration.” [Emphasis added]

This is clearly at odds with leaks (get used to them, Mr. Obama) from staffers indicating that an order to close Gitmo would be the first thing he signed after taking the oath.

A close Guantanamo order, with no further procrastination, is the gold standard by which many campaign supporters will measure him.

If that statement alone wasn’t enough to provoke disappointment, this one will certainly cause attacks, probably personal, on the soon-to-be Commander-in-Chief:

“[Obama] said he will consider it a failure if he has not closed the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by the end of his first term in office.” [Emphasis added]

In a brief few weeks we have seen an abrupt transition from immediate closure to a more reasoned, “pragmatic” approach to problem solving.

Such a deliberate decision making process is certain to resonate better with a majority of Americans who do not want detainees relocated onto US soil, than one made in haste that he would come to regret.

If this is a sign of maturation in regard to national security issues, it is welcome.

As Obama himself might say, we can only hope.


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