Guantanamo Judge Claims Qahtani Was Tortured

Military judge Susan Crawford alleged that after reading the file of Muhammad al Qahtani, the self-confessed 20th hijacker, she is convinced that even though interrogation procedures used against him “were all authorized” that in the aggregate they amounted to torture.

In a Washington Post article by Bob Woodward, he outlines her thought processes. “This was not any one particular act; this was just a combination of things that had a medical impact on him, that hurt his health. It was abusive and uncalled for. And coercive. Clearly coercive. It was that medical impact that pushed me over the edge,” Woodward quotes Crawford as saying.

In Inside Gitmo, I devote almost an entire chapter to Qahtani – his treatment, which was inexcusable, as well as evidence not linked to any confessions forced or voluntary, that place him squarely in the middle of the 9/11 plot.

I also recount detailed testimony from Khalid Sheik Mohammad that explicitly states that Qahtani was designated as a muscle hijacker, in all probability the missing fifth hijacker on United flight 93 that crashed into Pennsylvania.

With Qahtani in place as extra muscle, could the hijackers have repelled the passenger revolt and crashed that aircraft into the US Capitol? We will never know.

In the book I quote a senior interrogation official at Guantanamo who said, “bad things were done to Qahtani, sure, but it was driven my immaturity and pressure. And it sure wasn’t torture.”

Read the book and make your own judgment. Do we really want to see a man like this released back into the fight on a flimsy legal interpretation?


One Response to “Guantanamo Judge Claims Qahtani Was Tortured”

  1. G3 Says:

    Its not torture unless over a long period of time, viola, it becomes torture? What is she basing this off of, her feelings?

    Has the military / US Government clearly defined proper interrogation and torture? If so, then how does her feelings come in to play in this?

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