Gitmo Detainees in Your Neighborhood? Good Idea, Some Activists Insist

“Let some Guantanamo Bay detainees live in U.S., advocates say,” headlines an article in todays LA Times. Expect that this idea is going to gain traction with anti-Guantanamo activists over upcoming weeks. The idea – extraordinarily wrong-headed and naive – is that by accepting released detainees into US society, presumably with a green card, that America will convince European countries to accept their share also.

American imposes strict quotas over allowing foreign scientists, engineers, and professionals to immigrate. Now we are supposed to open up for terrorists?

In a masterpiece of understatement the article said, “Allowing former detainees to live freely in the U.S. probably would be controversial.” Do you think?

We are assured by Elisa Massimino, the executive director of Human Rights First, who is quoted in the piece as saying, “After seven years of being fed the line that everyone there is the worst of the worst, it would help enormously if the United States would set an example that would put the lie to that, by taking one or two of the people.There will be opposition, but the facts can overcome that.”

Facts are precisely the missing piece to all of these resettle Gitmo detainees in the US arguments. If the facts emerge about just who these detainees really are, what their backgrounds have been, and the virulent ideology they hold dear, then overwhelming pubic opinion will be to keep them where they are, somewhere safe and secure, and far away from US soil.

Read Inside Gitmo to learn about just who some of these detainees are and the killer motivation that drives their lives.


One Response to “Gitmo Detainees in Your Neighborhood? Good Idea, Some Activists Insist”

  1. G3 Says:

    Perhaps the LA Times could offer them internships? Their opinions do not differ much from that of the terrorists.. I mean militants. Plus the paper’s circulation is plummeting. Maybe they could make it into a reality show!

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