Guantanamo Bay Jail Returnees Organization – Loose in Pakistan?

An small, intriguing note in an on-line site for The Nation, a Pakistan-based newspaper today, mentioned the arrest of 7 Afghanis suspected by Pakistani authorities of complicity with multiple bombing attacks. The report mentions that police monitored several groups of suspected terrorists in order to close the ring on the Afghanis.

Included in the listed organizations was the Guantanamo Bay Jail Returnees, an informal organization made up of released former Guantanamo detainees.

Once again we are drawn to the inevitable conclusion that the recidivism rate among former detainees is extraordinarily high and that dealing with these people as ordinary criminals is a mistake of the highest order.


One Response to “Guantanamo Bay Jail Returnees Organization – Loose in Pakistan?”

  1. G3 Says:

    You mean the detainees aren’t just misunderstood victims?

    Perhaps this is a clue for how BO should release the detainees (if indeed they really go through with this awful plan): tag-and release. Track the detainees like endangered whales. Perhaps even do a National Geographic special on them.

    Seriously, what’s going to happen with all these detainees when the BO shuts down the GITMO?

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