Former Guantanamo Detainee Hamden Walks from Yemeni Prison – And Who Cares?

Usama bin Laden’s driver and right hand man, Salim Hamdan, walked out of a prison cell in Yemen yesterday, according to an AP report, a free man. He served the minimum time given to him on a plea bargain by a military tribunal. Case closed?

Perhaps we ought to ask some of those most affected by Hamdan’s behavior – though commission or omission.

Hamdan knew in advance about the September 11, 2001 attacks. He sat beside bin Laden for years, was privy to his conversations and plans as a most trusted member of his entourage. Yet he did nothing. No phone calls to alert authorities, no attempt to get away to disclose the upcoming attack even though al Qaeda hoped that tens of thousands of innocents would be incinerated by the crashed aircraft.

Here we would call that an accomplice to mass murder before and after the fact. My prediction: Hamdan will be back in the al Qaeda fold in one form or another by the time this is posted.

So who is asking the 9/11 families what they think of this travesty of justice? Where are the voices demanding that lenient sentences for terrorists only will encourage more to join the fight?

Now is the time for you to make your opinions heard. Join the discussion group on the Inside Gitmo web site today and participate in civil discourse about these and other important topics, issues that are going to have a direct impact on all Americans if these dangerous men still confined at Guantanamo are released into US soil, a proposal that some members of Congress and the Federal judiciary are already considering seriously.

If we are going to have a chance to influence these misguided policies we need to get together now! Join today, please. We need your input and ideas.


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