Shopping out Guantanamo Detainees

Add the United Kingdom to the list of European countries supposedly considering accepting some Guantanamo detainees. The most recent piece from the AP is here.

Once again, for those expecting that the Europeans are generously going to take our problems off our hands, attention is called to this line in the article: “Several European nations have said they are considering taking inmates who cannot be returned to their own countries because of the risk of persecution.”

Those detainees are relatively few in number, perhaps 20 or more. They are the easy ones, considered no longer a threat (for example, see previous blog entries on Uighers on this site).

What about the tough cases? So far no country has been willing to accept them, or for that matter even consider accepting them. Our various Coalition allies in Afghanistan and Iraq have been only too willing to turn detainees over to US custody (then some complain vociferously about Gitmo. But none have to date been even open to housing them on their own soil.

Given that condition, does it make sense then to remove them from Guantanamo where they are safely and humanely held, to US soil where they will become targets for activists and fellow terrorists to liberate them?

This is the crux of the Guantanamo problem that is going to stick in the throats of those who say casually that the facility ought to be closed.

Relocation will be the primary point of future debates – sure to be forthcoming after Jan 20 – over Guantanamo.


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