Close Guantanamo? “Saying it is a lot easier than doing it.”

Those are the words of Air Force Colonel Mo Davis, former chief prosecutor at Guantanamo, discussing the almost certainty that incoming president-elect Obama will close Guantanamo. As reported by Alan Gomez in USA Today, relocation of Gitmo detainees – particularly those acknowledged by all but the most intransigent Guantanamo opponents as being al Qaeda hard men – is rapidly emerging as a serious problem.

Campaign promises, so easy to make on the trail, can become quite thorny when one wins office and discovers ownership of the problem. Such is the case of Guantanamo, that within weeks will be Mr. Obama’s issue.

Gomez quotes several sources familiar with the situation of the so-called “Gitmo 110,” men who are seen as medium and high level, highly committed al Qaeda jihadists, whose fate is going to pose extraordinarily challenging problems for the new administration and ultimately for the American people.


2 Responses to “Close Guantanamo? “Saying it is a lot easier than doing it.””

  1. sysoptions Says:

    I think that President elect Obama will have to back down on a whole lot of what he said while trying to get elected. I am sure his left wing supporters are in for a BIG let down.

  2. G3 Says:

    Heard interviews on NPR that the new administration will take 9 months to 3 years to close down GITMO. Probably just needs to do it prior to the ramp up of the next election.

    What’s Obama going to do with all these terrorists anyway?

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