Support the Forgotten Soldiers & Sailors at Guantanamo this Season, Please

Thanks in advance for your strong support of the sailors and soldiers serving at Guantanamo.

I’ve posted this address on my daily blog on the Inside Gitmo web site at ( ) for reference and distribution to your friends and family if you desire. The troops will definitely appreciate your show of support!

You can feel free to send cards, letters, and packages (don’t worry about being late: they’ll be glad to have them!) to

Captain Peter Hustra
APO AE 09360

Pete will make certain that all your mail gets distributed to the service members at Guantanamo.

If you wish to pre-order a copy of my book on Guantanamo, Inside Gitmo: The True Story of the Myths of Guantanamo Bay, you may do so off my web site referenced above. Look at the upper right-hand corner box with the cover photo and you can click right through to Amazon and make certain you have a copy as soon as they are released.

Thanks for your great support for our soldiers and sailors serving in a very tough place, and for helping me get the truth out to the American public on what a splendid job they do to keep us all safe.

All the best for a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2009!

Gordon Cucullu


4 Responses to “Support the Forgotten Soldiers & Sailors at Guantanamo this Season, Please”

  1. sysoptions Says:

    Top of the post did not come through in the clear. Can’t wait for the book. Pre-order last night.

  2. Bill Whitaker Says:

    Congratulations for a tough job well done to all of you folks at Gitmo. I know that your duty must be difficult, not to mention boring from time to time. But some of us happen to think that yu are dealing with some of the worst species of human flesh to ever appear on this earth.

    Thanks for the job that you are doing and when it is all over, I pray that you all will be albe to put this behind you and move on with your lives in “the other world” that most of us enjoy. Please know that you had a job to do as defined by your superiors and that you did it well.

    Thanks you again for your dedication in dealing with these complete enimies of our way of life. And, remember that WE are the good guys.

  3. sysoptions Says:

    Merry Christmas to all who serve this country no matter what your AO is. You are not forgotten.

  4. Brad Says:

    To all the Servicemen and Service-Women, Soldiers and Sailors at GITMO… God Bless and Merry Christmas. You’re service and committment to our Country is unwaivering, and we truly hope you are greatly blessed throughout your life for what you do…. I wish we could do more to show our appreciation than a simple email.

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