Former Guantanamo Detainee David Hicks – Now Free to do What?

Australian authorities declined today to continue imposition of restrictions to released Guantanamo detainee David Hicks’ freedom. Now the misnomered “Aussie Taliban” will be able to make phone calls, surf the net, and otherwise communicate with the world outside of his native Adelaide. You can find reports here and here.

What’s in a name? Plenty. The media with usual lack of imagination and understanding, quickly labeled Hicks and the so-called “American Taliban,” John Walker Lindh. Neither man was a Taliban member – a close-knit band of native Afghani religous extreme Islamists. Both were members of al Qaeda, the international Islamist movement intended to terrorize America and the West.

Al Qaeda became a growth movement under bin Laden’s leadership, spreading recruiting nets across the globe. AQ’s translated name means “the base” and bin Laden envisioned his movement as forming an international core group of like-minded fanatics who would gladly trade their lives in return for making the world vulnerable for the spread of its virulent ideology.

The Taliban – home grown, locally-minded and highly restricted pose a danger to Afghani citizens. AQ threatens the world.

I spent a lot of time detailing David Hicks’ journey in Inside Gitmo. One reason is that he had an above-the-radar presence even before being picked up fighting in Afghanistan. Another is that the majority of the Guantanamo detainees – unlike Hicks – were of no international media interest before capture and internment. Consequently, like Walker Lindh, Hicks’ activities are well-documented. You will find a wealth of documents relating to Hicks in the Inside Gitmo site.

As the only man of European descent confined in Guantanamo Hicks drew a lot of attention. Other detainees called him “the Australian cowboy,” and admired his brutality on the battlefield. They were nonplussed by his wavering Islamic faith – he requested and received a Bible while in Gitmo – but continued to see him as an icon for converting Westerners to the True Faith.

He, like Walker Lindh, was a disaffected young man, although his origins were at the trailer-trash level as opposed to Walker Lindh’s silver spoon upbringing. He made his bones early, abandoning a girl friend and two small children to join the Kosovo Liberation Army in the Balkans. When he told his father he had joined the KLA the latter reported “I thought he had taken a job with an airlines.”

With the war winding down in the Balkans, Hicks made a quick return to Australia then left, a vocal convert to Islam, to fight for the LET – the notorious terrorist group based in Northern Pakistan whose members recently conducted the Mumbai attacks – and excelled to the point that the leader gave him a letter of introduction to bin Laden. Off Hicks went to Afghanistan to train with al Qaeda in several of it’s Afghan-based camps.

When the war against the American infidels and Northern Alliance apostates turned sour, Hicks tried to boogie. He reportedly sold his AK-47 for get-away cash and was pulled out of a cab headed for the Pakistani border.

Hicks eventually plea-bargained his way out of Guantanamo and now, a free man, ought to expect film and book contracts to flow. Look for “How I was Tortured at Gitmo” to appear soon at a theater and book store near you. Ghostwritten, of course.


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    Just found your site and will pass it on. Thanks for getting the truth out.

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