Will Gitmo detainees be prosecuted for assaults?

Inside Gitmo catalogs only a partial list of the more than 450-odd assaults against guards that occur annually at Guantanamo.

While the majority of the assaults involve noxious “cocktails” of feces, urine, semen, spit, and vomit tossed into guards’ faces, other assaults are physical and violent.

Medical personnel are especially vulnerable because they relax when treating detainees. In one instance a detainee punched a nurse in the face, breaking her nose. Then complained about “the infidel whore’s blood” staining his clothes.

In another instance a male guard was punched and bitten in the face. Some other cases: A female guard was knocked to the ground and kicked. A young female medic had her face smashed repeatedly against the cell bars. She required more than 16 facial reconstructive surgeries. The list is painfully long and grim.

In US prisons assaulting the guards brings charges against the miscreant and results in conviction and more jail time. It is past time that Guantanamo detainees are allowed to get away with blatant assault and not be charged before appropriate bodies for crimes.


One Response to “Will Gitmo detainees be prosecuted for assaults?”

  1. Laursen Says:

    Thank you for writing the book and telling these important stories that need to be told.

    It makes me very angry to see how good is turned ‘bad’ and these evil psychopaths are turned into victims.

    I want to thank all at Gitmo for what they are doing and they should know there’s folks at home who think about them and who highly value their sacrifice and service.

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