Is This Good News?

LA Times reporter and outspoken Guantanamo opponent, Carol Williams, writes today that with the transfer of three Algerian-born detainees to Bosnia, “the administration has acknowledged in its final days that its controversial detention and interrogation practices are doomed.” Williams, along with a report on the same subject by the BBC, noted that president-elect Obama has announced his desire to close the facility.

The three transferred detainees – initially accused of plotting to attack the US Embassy in Sarajevo – were not confronted with that charge when brought before the US District judge. While not explicitly stated, the strong implication is that evidence necessary to back up the attack plot may involve disclosure of highly classified material, something the Pentagon has been reluctant to do in open courtrooms.

According to Williams, the detainees were “taken into protective custody” by Bosnian authorities, a move, I fear, that is merely a precursor to ultimate release. Net result: three jihadists turned back to the battlefield.


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