Inside Gitmo Discussion Groups

We recently added a Guantanamo discussion group to the Inside Gitmo web site. Lawmakers, journalists, students, and concerned citizens are invited to join.

Unlike some of the  “hit-and-run” style forums far too prevalent on the Net, what we encourage by email participation is civil interaction, rational discussion, and an exchange of ideas free of profanity, personal attacks, and vicious comments.

As stated repeatedly in my book Inside Gitmo, the over-heated, emotional response to many concerning Guantanamo – detractors and supporters alike – has made public discussion near impossible in many places, including a lot of media outlets.

What we are attempting to do here is focus discussion on real issues; problems that affect not only Guantanamo but much of the way our country is structured. For example, some call for a “new code of laws and procedures” to deal with detainees. What will this look like? And is it wise?

Others demand instant release or trial in the US criminal justice system. Is this feasible?

What about release? Some judges have already demanded that the military release detainees into the United States. This is an important – perhaps life-threatening – concern that must be rationally debated.

So I encourage you to join the discussion group, express opinions, present facts, and, for all concerned, keep the tone and commentary at the high level that the simple rules demand.

Look forward to seeing you in the group!


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